Belmont Police recover car stolen in Manchester

BELMONT — Police arrested a man Wednesday night who was driving a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that had been reported stolen from Manchester.

Jacob A. Jason, of 103 Blueberry Lane in Laconia is charged with one misdemeanor count of disobeying an officer, one felony count of driving after being deemed an habitual offender, and one felony count of receiving stolen property.

Jason appeared by video in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday morning and Judge Lawrence MacLeod ordered him held on $5,000 cash or corporate surety.

Affidavits said police were behind the Jeep while it was headed south on Rte. 106 when they noticed one of the brake lights was out.

Officers radioed the license plate number to dispatch and learned the Jeep had been reported stolen by a Manchester woman.

When the Jeep turned abruptly into a convenience store, officers pulled in behind it.

Police affidavits reported one officer read Jason his Miranda rights and asked him for some identification. When they asked him if he knew the Jeep was stolen, he initially said he didn't know anything about it. Jason also allegedly gave them a false name and birthday.

A second officer found an alternative identification card with Jason's picture on it in the Jeep.

During his booking, Jason told police that he did know the Jeep was stolen and that an unknown person put the car keys in his mailbox Wednesday night and told him the Jeep was "in the Lakes Region."

He allegedly told them he was returning the Jeep to its owner. Manchester Police confirmed the owner had reported it stolen.