Police say smashed windshield that was never fixed eventually led to arrest of alleged Gilmanton burglars

GILMANTON — One of the men charged with burglarizing a home in Gilmanton and removing all of the copper piping is also facing a charge of having unauthorized control of a handgun in Laconia.

According to court records, Christopher Poire, 25, who is formerly of Charles Street in Laconia, allegedly had the stolen weapon on May 2. He failed to appear in Belknap County Superior Court on September 11 and is scheduled to appear in that court tomorrow.

Poire is one of two men who is facing three counts of burglary for unlawfully entering a home at 1231 Province Road or Route 107 on three days in late August.

Also charged is Greg McGonigle, of Catamount Road in Pittsfield. McGonigle is also charged with one felony count of criminal mischief.

According to affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, the two were apprehended by Gilmanton Police on Tuesday night after a investigation that was triggered when, on August 31, one of the theft victim's neighbors tried to stop a car he believed was making a suspicious number of visits to the unoccupied home. The neighbor smashed the car's windshield with a baseball bat as it passed.

A week later, a Belmont Police officer noticed a car with a broken windshield on Union Avenue in Laconia and followed it to Academy Street, where it parked in front of a law office.

The driver of the car said he didn't know anything about the burglaries and that Poire had let him use the car. The driver allegedly told the officer he had been told the car had been used in a "robbery" in Gilmanton.

The car was registered to McGonigle's ex-wife and she told police that she never used it. She agreed to speak to police in the Pittsfield Police Department. She also showed police some text messages from McGonigle that said he was driving the car when the victim's neighbor broke the windshield with a bat.

Both McGonigle's agreed to a search of the car and police alleged they found five guitars and some antique items consistent with those reported stolen from the victim.

Police also traced some of the stolen items to various pawn shops in the Concord area and a scrap dealer identified McGonigle's red truck that was allegedly used to remove the stolen copper.
Fourth Circuit Court Judge Jim Carroll ordered both men held on $10,000 personal recognizance bail and $1,000 cash-only.