Mother & daughter involved (on opposite sides) of brawl that results in first-degree assault charges against 1 man

LACONIA — A local man is being held on $15,000 cash-only bail for allegedly hitting a man in the head with a beer bottle and an expandable baton during a fight on September 13.

Kyle Violette, 27, of 76 Endicott St. North Apt. 4 is charged with two counts of first-degree assault — one for the beer bottle and one for the expandable baton.

Laconia Police said Violette was arrested Monday night by Farmington Police and turned over to Laconia Police, who held an outstanding warrant.

Violette appeared by video in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday and his public defender made no bail argument but reserved Violette's right to a probable cause and bail hearing at a future time.

According to police affidavits, officers were called to 1184 Weirs Boulevard for a disturbance involving four people, two men and two women. The two women are mother and daughter and are apparently the girlfriends of the two men. The older of the two women is involved with Violette.

When police arrived, they found a male victim with an open head wound and the beginnings of two black eyes. Police said he "had blood all over his body" and there was blood "all over the porch and stairs."

The man's girlfriend had what police said were red marks on her neck and ears. Her right eye was beginning to swell.

The victim told police his girlfriend's mother started punching her daughter in the face when the younger women mentioned a prior burglary allegedly committed by Violette. He said he tried to pull the women apart but Violette jumped in and hit him on the head with "beer bottles and a drinking glass."

The two men began wrestling and when they fell down the porch stairs, the victim's leg got caught in the railing and Violette allegedly began choking him.

The victim's girlfriend told police that at this point the two men separated but started fighting again when Violette ran upstairs to help her (fend off her mother). This time, said the girlfriend, the victim was getting the upper hand on Violette so the mother came running down the stairs and began punching the victim in the face until he and Violette separated again.

After separation, Violette allegedly ran to his car, grabbed an expandable baton and hit the victim over the head, splitting his scalp open.

The victim and his girlfriend both told police that Violette and his girlfriend (the mother) left in the car with their two children and drove away.

At some point, city police caught up with Violette, who is on parole, and charged him with the two first-degree assaults.

Violette, according to affidavits, has a lengthy and violent criminal record including theft, three convictions of resisting arrest, a conviction for possession of drugs, two violation of probation or parole convictions, three convictions for disobeying a police officer, one conviction for reckless conduct, and four convictions for simple assault.