Truck stolen from stove store in Tilton found in Laconia

TILTON — Police are investigating a burglary at a Rte. 3 stove sales and installation center that occurred sometime late Thursday night.

Angelo Farruggia, the owner of Fire N' Stone, said yesterday about $40,000 in mostly Dewalt-brand tools as well as two pellet stoves that were still in the crates were taken by what appears to be two white males.

Farruggia said it a security tape shows the two first entered his warehouse sometime around 11 p.m. Thursday and exited carrying what they could in their arms. He said it looked like they dumped their haul in a dark colored Dodge Caravan parked on Church Street.

He said at 11:40 p.m. the tape shows his warehouse garage door opening and his 2013 red 3,500-ton dump truck exiting. He said it turned right from Church Street on to Route 3 and was headed toward Laconia.

Farruggia said there were two brand new stoves in the truck bed but he believes the theft of the stoves was an afterthought and whoever burglarized his place was after tools.

"One of (the stoves) weighs 500 pounds," Farruggia said. "I don't think two guys could lift it from the truck."

He said he thinks the two men loaded up the rest of the tools they were unable to carry and loaded them into the back of the truck.

He said the keys were in the ignition of the Chevy which was locked in the garage.

Farruggia said police told him the truck was recovered over the weekend on School Street in Laconia.

He said he was reaching out to the general public because the truck stands out and he thinks that whoever stole it, his tools, and his stoves may have engaged the hydraulic lift in order to get the stoves out.

"I'm hoping someone either saw the truck or heard it," he said.

If anyone has any information please call the Tilton Police at 286-4442.