Police provide court with details of Gilmanton chase on Sunday

GILMANTON — A local man who allegedly led a town police sergeant on a high-speed chase through the town's back roads near Crystal Lake Sunday around 2 p.m. Sunday was ordered held on $6,000 cash or corporate surety bail on three felony charges, including car theft, following his video appearance in court yesterday.

Police said Sean P. Mulcahy, 41 of 15 Spaulding Road, endangered the lives of two minor children, and resisted arrest during his attempts to stop them from arresting him. He was also ordered held on $3,000 personal recognizance bail for the four misdemeanors, that included driving a car without authorization — a lesser charge than felony auto theft.

Mulcahy, whose girlfriend and son were in court, didn't say anything during a session of 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday afternoon. His appearance was via an audio and video connection with the Belknap County Jail.

His girlfriend, who was with him for most of the alleged car chase, told The Daily Sun she thought the police were making a big deal out of nothing.

According to affidavits filed with the court, Gilmanton Police Sgt. Matt Currier said he was alerted by a dispatcher at the Belknap County Sheriff's Office that someone who was possibly intoxicated had just left a ball field in New Durham and was headed toward Alton and Gilmanton. Dispatch said the man was driving a Mercury Sable.

Currier said he first noticed Mulcahy driving a 2003 Mercury Sable on Places Mill Road in Alton near the Gilmanton town line. He said the car was driving in the middle of the road and was headed west. He estimated it was driving 40 mph in a 25-mph speed zone.

Currier said he sounded the siren to get Mulcahy to stop. He said as the car entered into Gilmanton he saw Mulcahy's face in the side mirror. Currier said he knows Mulcahy and said he also knows he doesn't have a valid drivers license.

He followed the car onto Crystal Lake Road where he said Mulcahy increased his speed. Currier, who was driving a marked police cruiser, said he was still using his emergency lights and siren to get Mulcahy to stop.

Mulcahy slowed as he neared Hill Road and made a wide right turn on to Hill. Currier said he also turned on to Hill Road but said he nearly hit Mulcahy and drove off the road to avoid contact.. During the near miss, Currier said he noticed there were two younger children in the back of the Mulcahy's car.

Currier said Mulcahy drove quickly on to Hill Road and made a left on to one of the dirt roads off Hill. Currier saw the car moving rapidly, sliding on the dirt, onto McPhee Road and stopped chasing it because of the two children in the back.

Currier said he was driving back toward Hill Road when he saw Mulcahy come around one of the corners of the loop created by Hill Road and McPhee Road.

With the two cars now facing each other on Hill Road, Currier said Mulcahy slammed the car into reverse and drove back onto Crystal Lake Road and headed north this time.

About a minute later, Currier rounded the loop and saw the Sable parked on Rainbo Lane — another dirt road off the Hill Road loop. He said he saw Mulcahy running from the car, leaving the driver's door open.

He said Mulcahy's girlfriend grabbed what he thought were the keys and threw them on the ground as she moved away from the Sable.

About seven minutes later, Currier saw a Red Jeep Cherokee being driven by Mulcahy come out of Hill Road and turn onto Crystal Lake Road. He said he drew his weapon but kept it in a "low ready position."

He said Mulcahy threw the Jeep into reverse when he saw Currier.

Currier spoke to the owners of the red Jeep who confirmed that Mulcahy was driving it and had allegedly stolen it from their Hill Road home. He said he found the Jeep near Miller Road and called for a K-9 from the Gilford Police to track Mulcahy.

Currier went to the Mulcahy's home and spoke with his girlfriend who told him Mulcahy hadn't been drinking but that he ran from police because he was scared. About one-half hour later, Currier arrested Mulcahy on Crystal Lake Road.

Mulcahy allegedly admitted he was driving the cars.

Along with two felonies for operating a motor vehicle after being deemed an habitual offender and an additional one for stealing the car, Mulcahy also faces two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child, one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest, and one misdemeanor count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

At 5:30 p.m. yesterday Mulcahy was still in the Belknap County Jail, however a corrections sergeant said he believed he would be able to post bail.