Sanbornton library director Cab Vinton moving on to Plaistow

SANBORNTON — Eight-year veteran library director Cab Vinton will be departing the Public Library here to take over as the director of the Plaistow Public Library in the southeast corner of the state.

Vinton started his work with the library as a trustee in 2005 and became the librarian in September of 2006, after serving as interim director for a period of time.

"Hey you have a library degree," Vinton said he was told by the Library Trustees.

Among Vinton's accomplishments, he said Tuesday he is the most proud of completing the physical expansion of the local library.

He said the money for the expansion and renovation to the second floor was approved sometime in the 1990s. Because of various "snags" he said the groundbreaking didn't take place until 2005.

But by that time, the costs of the renovation had soared and instead of the library needing to privately raise 10 percent of the costs of the renovation, it now needed to raise two and a half times more money because the town's contribution stayed the same.

"For a small town, this community really stepped up," Vinton said.

He said the upstairs has mobile shelving handmade by volunteers that can be rolled around the room to configure it as needed.

For example, Vinton said that if all the shelves are moved to one side, there is space for 100 people to sit. The library has been used for a variety of meetings including a couple of candidates' nights.

Recently, N.H. author and humorist Rebecca Rule spoke at the Library and Vinton said all they had to do was roll the carts to one side and set up chairs for the lecture.

Vinton has also taken the library into the modern era by installing four public computers. He also wanted to thank Robert and Patricia Risley for donating six laptops in memory of their son.

When Vinton first came to the library it was still using card catalogs. "We skipped a century when in 2009 we became completely computerized," he said.
But it's the numbers that tell the story of the Sanbornton Public Library — over the past five years visits to the institution have increased by 25 percent while the checkout of items has risen 80 percent.

"We try to cater to everyone in Sanbornton — from babies to the older residents," Vinton said.

As to his impending move, he said he is excited and nostalgic at the same time.

Plaistow, he said, has a library that is about 2-to-4 times the size of the Sanbornton Library and represents a challenge to him professionally as its new director.

"But, I'm really going to miss Sanbornton," he said. "I've made some wonderful friends here."

Vinton's last day in September 13. He said Mary Algren, a Sanbornton resident and the retired director of the Hall Memorial Library that serves Tilton and Northfield will be leading the committee searching for his replacement.