80s Tribute Band Rubix Kube at Laconia High School Friday Night

LACONIA — Billed as ''the Galaxy's Most Original '80s Tribute Band'', Rubix Kube will be at Laconia High School Friday night at 8 p.m. to present a free Putnam Fund concert.
The group is led by a by a male and female dynamic duo of karma chameleons, able to transform in the-blink-of-an-eye into the voice and character of any 1980s icon.
Cherie Martorana, frontwoman for the group, hails from Reading. Mass., and is the fourth in a clan of six kids. She credits her sister, Susan, for turning her on to music at a young age, when she gave Cherie her first vinyl Pat Benatar record.
At first an untapped "shower" singer, Cherie embarked on a successful career as a board game developer /puzzle book author until 2006. When she took her mom's "It's never too late advice" she then moved to New York City where her career as a professional performer took flight.
Cherie's first gig as a singer was doing back-ups for the legendary "World Famous Live Rock & Roll Karaoke Band" at Arlene's Grocery, where she was dubbed "Cherie-oke," The Rock 'n' Roll She-Devil. Soon after, Rubix Kube was formed and Cherie quickly moved up the ranks to frontwoman. On the side, she is also a back-up vocalist for The Little Death, an original Rock & Blues band featuring the Grammy-nominated artist MOBY and vocal powerhouse Laura Dawn.
Frontman Scott Lovelady is just a small-town boy, yet born and raised in the not-so-tiny town of Manhattan, N.Y. The son of a master puppeteer who worked on "The Muppets," Scott was destined to a life of grand performance and theatrics. He made his stage debut at the tender age of 6 months as Baby Snow White and later went on to model for Capezio and Sears.
A matrix of careers in puppeteering, animatronics, medieval armory, sound design, songwriting, and acting followed. Yet it was singing that became his calling, when in the 1990s he began fronting the infamous NYC rock band Fat Bastid. Stints also in Legion of Decency and Silverboy garnered him chops and notoriety in the music scene.
When the seeds were planted for Rubix Kube, Scott was an obvious choice for lead male vocalist with his wide range and diversity of styles and tones. His uncanny ability to simulate a multitude of 80s stars in voice, dress and body movement, along with a high-energy, quirky stage presence make him a perfect fit in The Galaxy's Most Original Eighties Tribute Band.
Their supporting sidekicks, including Steve Brown of the million-selling Rock band TRIXTER and David Z from The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, John LaSpina on drums, who has shared the stage with former/current members of Twisted Sister, Billy Joel, and Dave Chappelle's backing band, and Mike Pieck on Keyboards/Keytar, an MIT grad who moved to NYC and quickly became part of downtown's most high energy backing bands, including The Material Boys, The Vanities, and The Full Muscular Band.
Admission to the concert is free for all ages with the first to arrive the first to be seated.

Rubix Kube will perform Friday night at Laconia High School in a Putnam Fund sponsored free concert. (Courtesy photo)