Gilmanton officers fend of attacking German shepherd

GILMANTON — Two police officers escaped injury over the weekend after a man in distress sicced his German shepherd on them.

Chief Joe Collins said Officer Chris Gustafson was able to fend the dog off with his night stick and eventually the animal retreated.

Collins said Gustafson and Officer Corey Brennan responded to the home that is in the Sawyer Lake area at 5:35 p.m. Friday for a call for an attempted suicide.

When they arrived, Collins said the home owner initially came out of his house and began yelling at the police and telling them to get off his property.

When police told them they were only there to make sure he was okay, they said he sicced his dog on them.

When the dog retreated, the man picked up a shovel and headed toward police.

One of the officers zapped the man with a Taser gun and police were able to gain control of him. He was taken to the Lakes Region General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Collins said the man won't be criminally charged and he is not releasing his name or address because of the reason police responded.

"Fortunately neither officer was injured and we are hopeful the man will get the care he needs," Collins said.