Cyclist & pickup collide on Belmont highway

BELMONT — Yesterday was a local man's lucky day when he escaped serious injury after colliding with a pickup on Rte. 106 around 11;30 a.m.

Police said the Belmont man, about 30 years of age, was riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the road and struck a pickup that was making a right turn on to the highway from Sleeper's Welding.

Police said the bicyclist hit the side of the truck, flipped over the hood, and landed on his back.

The bicyclist was able to get up a walk around and the investigating officer said he had a few scrapes and bruises but otherwise appeared unharmed. As a precaution, the officer said the injured man was strapped to a board by emergency crews and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Police said neither the bicycle nor the truck appeared to be overly damaged.

While police are classifying this as an accident, they said technically both drivers share some blame in that the bicyclist should have been in the south-bound lane if he was pedaling south and the driver should have looked both ways before made the right turn heading north onto Rte. 106.

Belmont Police want to remind all bicyclists that traffic ordinances must be obeyed as if riders were operating a car. Police also suggest all bicyclists wear helmets.