Trouble with asphalt put down at critical Meredith intersection

MEREDITH — Although recently paved, Routes 3 and 25 may require to be repaved before the construction season closes. Town Manger Phil Warren told the Board of Selectmen this week that the asphalt failed tests and striping has been delayed.

Warren said that the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) has determined that the asphalt at the important intersection is moving and will have to be removed. In the meantime, temporary crosswalks will be marked. He said that the extent of the problem has yet to be determined and there are unresolved issues surrounding the responsibilities and warranties of the paving contractor and material supplier.

Meanwhile, Warren reported that the town budgeted $352,000 to overlay approximately 27,692 of roadway and $172,000 to chip seal another 31, 498 feet during the season.

Warren explained that roads with rutted travel lanes and longitudinal cracks were suitable for overlay at a cost of $5.47 per square yard. This year Follet Road, Northview Drive, Old Center Harbor Road, Harbor Heights Road, Cataldo Road, Reservoir Road, Veasey Shore Road, Leavitt Park Road, Quarry Road, Patrocian Shores Circule, Founders Road and Marrinello Road were scheduled for overlays.

Roads without deep ruts and extensive cracking but still vulnerable to infiltration by water, Warren said, can be maintained with chip seal, a mix of asphalt and fine aggregate for $2.25 per square yard. These included stretches of Skyview Circle, Carol Lane, Woodvale Drive, Eaton Avenue, Oak Island Road, Sachem Cove Road, Spindle Point Road, Observatory Road, Pinnacle Park Road, Red Pine Road, White Pine Road and Pine Cone Road.

Bonner Road, a 1,000-foot loop off Rte. 104, was reclaimed, rebuilt and repaved. The paving alone cost $22,000 and the reconstruction another $18,000. Warren noted that only one other road — Upper Ladd Hill Road — required reclamation and reconstruction. Although lightly traveled, he that that eventually it will be rebuilt at "significant cost."

Warren emphasized that the maintenance policy aimed "to keep as many good road good with the funds available" to forestall the need to reclaim and rebuild.

NOTE: Rhetta Colon, chair of the board of trustees of the Meredith Public Library, said that the trustees have retained Full Circle Consulting of Concord to assist with preparing a master plan for the library. The consultant will work with a master plan committee, which will advise the trustees. The committee will hold its first meeting in September.