ZBA grants variance so 2-unit apartment building can be constructed overlooking Weirs yacht club

LACONIA — The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) this week granted a zoning variance that will permit Richard Mailloux, the owner and operator of the Akwa Marina Yacht Club doing business as Brick House, LLC, to construct a residential building with two units alongside an existing residence overlooking the Weirs marina.

The 0.32-acre (14,077) lot lies in the commercial resort zone where six units per acre are allowed and the three units proposed — the two new units and the existing home — would require half-an-acre (21,780). The project required a variance from the density requirement.

Before the Maillouxs acquired the property the previous owner had poured a foundation, 50 feet by 28 feet adjacent to the brick residence, which plans depicted as intended for an addition. A review of records in the Planning Department determined that in 2003 the Planning Board approved plans for an addition to house a commercial use, and the Code Enforcement Officer granted a building permit, but the project was never completed. In light of the prior approvals, the ZBA granted the approvals.

The Maillouxs told the board that they intend to construct a building of 7,0000square-feet to a heigh of 35 feet, the maximum permitted, resembling a barn. John Gentile and Mike Ames, whose homes abut the property on the other side of upper Lakeside Avenue objected to the dimensions of the building, which they would obscure their views of the lake and diminish the value of their properties.

However, Planning Director Shanna Saunders explained that without easements safeguarding their views, Maillouxs were entitled to build to the permitted dimensions. The variance, she said pertained only to the number of units. she said that had they chose to simply expand the existing brick residence, a variance would not have been required.