Boat suddenly sinks on Lake Winnisquam

BELMONT — A lone man was brought to shore from the waters of Lake Winnisquam some 300 yards off Belmont Beach after his boat capsized and sank in more than 60 feet of water shortly after 7 p.m. yesterday.

The man, who did not wish to identified, said "I was tooting right along and all of sudden the back was at the front and back and the front was at the back and the back went down." He said that he was not aware of either hitting the wake of another boat or a piece of floating debris. He had two life jackets and a cell phone, with which he was able to report the incident.

Personnel from Belmont Fire-Rescue on shore directed Lieutenant Chris Shipp of the Laconia Fire Department at the helm of the rescue craft with firefighters Chris Beaudoin and Deb Black aboard, to the scene. They plucked the man, along with a second man who had paddled an inflatable raft to the aid of the first, from the water and brought both to shore. No one required medical attention.

One Belmont firefighter speculated that a steering cable snapped, sending the boat spinning into a circle that could have caused it to sink. Shipp said he noticed debris in the water, which he thought may have been pieces of insulation.