Local man gets court order to protect him from cyber stalker

LACONIA — An area man has apparently become the target of extreme cyber stalking and has petitioned and received an order of protection from the Belknap County Superior Court against his stalker.

The victim said he has moved from the area for professional reasons and that he met his alleged stalker on an internet site.

"We continued to chat about a business opportunity for a week or two but the conversation turned flirtatious and then spiraled out of control quickly," the plaintiff wrote.

The Daily Sun checked the Website and it appears to be one that sells self-created artwork that tailors to families. The Website is registered in Australia according to GoDaddy, an online Website registration company.

His filing said that for the past six or seven months he has been begging her to stop contacting him but she has done everything she can to stay in touch, including calling him from 75 to 100 different phone numbers between 750 and 1,250 times.

The victim said she has also sent him text messages and contacted a number of his friends and family by alleged hacking into his phone and stealing his electronic contacts.

He said she even contacted him by cell phone while he was in the Belknap County Court House waiting to appear in court.

He said the woman has made several attempts to use Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and other social media Websites to reach him and has set up duplicate Facebook accounts under the names of his friends and family to lure him in.

"When I block one, she just creates another," he wrote.

"She's crazy," he said.

He said she hired someone to take a picture of his father's gravestone and sent it to him. He said she has also fabricated airline tickets that showed she would be flying into to Boston "just to scare him and his family."

He said the woman has somehow been able to call him from numbers that show up on his caller ID as the Belknap County Sheriff's Office or some of his family members. The Sheriff's Department confirmed last week they are investigating the stalking as a possible criminal act. The victim said federal authorities have also been contacted.

In her response, the defendant said she met the alleged victim in mid-December of 2012 through her job on a Internet site and that he will occasionally tell her he cannot continue to have contact with (her), but re-engages her within a short period of time.

She denies stalking him and has accused him of abusing the court system.

The alleged victim's wife filed a separate restraining order saying the woman had contacted her as well on June 16 and had sent her a racy photograph that the couple's young son had accidentally seen while playing a game on her cell phone.

"(She) has told me several times that (she) sees herself as above the law and no matter what I do, nothing will ever stick or make her stop because she will always figure a way around it," wrote the alleged victim's wife.

On August 13, Judge James O'Neill held a hearing and continued the restraining order. The defendant didn't appear but filed a motion for a continuance, which was granted, and a motion to appear by telephone because she said she is pregnant and cannot fly, which was denied.

A date for the final hearing for the restraining order is scheduled for September.