Mechanic St. drainage project sets back other Laconia road work

LACONIA — City Manager Scott Myers reported that improvements to Morrill Street, Lane Road and Gilford Avenue, originally scheduled for this construction season, will be deferred. He said that unanticipated costs arising from the drainage upgrade required on Mechanic Street as well as the priority of coordinating improvement of Union Avenue between Gilford Avenue and Messer Street with the replacement of the water main along this stretch of roadway in 2014 prompted the decision.

Reclamation of the roadway on Belvedere Street and Mechanic Street has been delayed by extensive study and design of the sewer and drainage systems in the roadway. On Belvedere Street, work on the sewer and drains began last week with the roadway projected to be reclaimed and paved with a base course by the end of the month. On Mechanic Street, after preparing three designs, work to replace the granite box culvert, originally installed a more than a century ago, is scheduled to begin next week and continue through October. Myers said the goal is to complete the sewer and drain work as well as the reclamation and base course paving of the roadway by Oct. 30. He noted the final paving on Belvedere Street will depend on progress achieved on Mechanic Street.

Meanwhile, the replacement of the water main and reclamation of the roadway on Clay Street is expected to be complete by early next month and the final wearing coat of asphalt applied in October.