19 year-old Laconia man faces 2 rape charges

LACONIA — A 19-year-old local man is behind bars today after being charged with one count of forcible rape and one count of statutory rape.

Michael P. Sulloway, 19, of 11C Jewett St. is being held on $30,000 cash-only bail after his video appearance in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday morning.

Affidavits obtained from the court say the alleged sexual assaults were reported separately to police. There are two female juvenile victims — one (N.C.) who was 14-years-old and one (K.S.) who was 16-years-old at the time they were allegedly raped.

The first alleged assault was reported on July 5 by N.C. who told her therapist that Sulloway "raped" her on May 18, 2013. The therapist reported it to police the same day.

When she was interviewed she said she was at a friend's (M.B.) house and sex was initiated during a game of truth or dare. N.C. told police M.B. was in the room the entire time. When police interviewed M.B. she told them she was sitting on the bed the entire time while they had sex.

When police spoke to the N.C.'s mother, she reported her daughter had told her about the sex with Sulloway and had said she wanted to do it.

Police interviewed Sulloway on Tuesday and he allegedly admitted having sex with N.C. once and that she had initiated the contact. He alleged to police he used a condom.

A second girl (K.S.) also reported to a Laconia Police Officer on July 5 that she had been raped by Sulloway in the bathroom of a home on Dixon Street on July 5 — the same day she reported it.

K.S. told police that Sulloway allegedly locked her in the bathroom twice and the second time he dragged her by her feet.

She said the first time Sulloway kept trying to lift up her shirt and kiss her breasts. She said she tried to stop him about three times. She said he also allegedly put his finger in her and was on top of her. She said she was "struggling" against him.

During his interview with police on Tuesday, Sulloway told police that he kissed her and put his finger in her and "she was okay with him doing that to her."

After his arrest, he told the bail commissioner and the police he was "homeless" and slept "here and there."

While in the booking room police said he threatened to take his own life and was taken to LRGH for evaluation. One of the conditions of his bail as imposed yesterday is that if he gets admitted to the State Hospital the bail reverts to personal recognizance.

Sulloway was convicted on Aug. 27, 2012, in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division for statutory rape for having sex with a girl who was older than 13 but younger than 16.

He was sentenced to nine months in jail — all suspended for two years pending his good behavior. He was also ordered to get a pycho-sexual evaluation within 90 days.

On July 23, Laconia Prosecutor Jim Sawyer asked the court to bring forward the suspended sentence because Sulloway had allegedly not complied with the court order.