90th Bike Week in the Black

 WLACONIA — The 90th running of Motorcycle Week again returned a profit for the city as revenues of $164,007 topped expenses of $138,774 to yield a balance of $25,232.

Since the rally was removed from the general fund budget and the special revenue fund was established in the 2006-2007 municipal budget, revenues from licensing, rentals, fees and concessions have totaled $1,247,518, which, less expenses of $1,111,378, leaves a current balance of $136,139.

Expenses include not only the costs incurred from managing the annual rally, consisting primarily of police and emergency services, but also capital purchases funded with proceeds from the special revenue fund. These include police cruisers, fire apparatus and defibrillators.

This year the cost of hosting the rally was less than the $160,950 budgeted. The expense of out-of-town police and overtime for local officers amounted to $76,329, compared to the $105,000 budgeted. On the other hand, at $17,455 the cost of trash collection was twice the $8,700 budgeted and a number of lesser expenses also exceeded projections.