Heroin in pill form among wide range of illegal drugs police recovered from Laconia couple's apartment

LACONIA — A local couple arrested in their Union Avenue home in a drug raid on April 4 were sentenced separately in July to serve a minimum of two years each in the N.H. State Prison.

A naked child found in 261 Union Avenue apartment shared by Courtney Rogers, 25, and Nicholas Phelps, 26, was removed to safety by police immediately after they breached the door.

Rogers will also serve a 12 month sentence in the Belknap County House of Corrections once she is released from state prison for endangering the welfare of a child.

Rogers faces up to 47 years in prison should she commit any offenses within five years of the sentencing date and Phelps faces up to 49 years should he re-offend.

Both are ordered to complete drug education and assessments when they are released.

With the cases against Phelps and Rogers now closed, the police file on their case became a public record. It says police found .23 grams of brown heroin and .29 grams of methamphetamine in the apartment, as well as 39.40 grams of cocaine and 25.01 grams of crack cocaine.  They also found marijuana, methadone, paraphernalia, and scales.

Rarely if ever seen in New Hampshire, police also found 109 blue pills marked as M 30 that the N.H. State Lab tested for oxycodone but learned the pills contained heroin instead.

Affidavits submitted to support cash bail in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division indicated that many of the drugs seized at the apartment were within reach of the child when police entered.

Police reports said the raid was the result of three controlled drug purchases made during the two months leading up to Rogers' and Phelps' arrests.

Police also indicated in their reports that they waited outside of the apartment house for about five hours before making entry in the hopes that Rogers or Phelps would bring the child to preschool so she wouldn't be in the home during the daytime raid.

The door was breached with a battering ram and officers reported there was a floor-to-door security bar so they had to hit it a few times to get inside.

When the decision to enter was made, police had a representative from an agency that specializes in children waiting nearby. The detective who took the child from the house gave her to the representative and she was taken away for her safety.

Police also found about 200 unscratched lottery tickets most of which were $5 and $10 tickets. A detective reported he gave five random ticket numbers to an official with the N.H. State Lottery and learned the tickets weren't stolen. He said Phelps told him that he bought about 100 tickets daily with the proceeds from drug sales.

Phelps signed a form surrendering about $700 and the unscratched tickets to the Laconia Police Department.