Need to cover for heroin deal gone bad said to have led to theft of guns

LACONIA — A local man who allegedly stole two shotguns from his family's home because he owed money for what he said was a heroin deal "gone bad" is being held on $10,000 cash-only bail.

Cody Ryan, 22, of 45 Sanborn St. is charged with two counts of theft by unauthorized taking stemming from the alleged theft of the guns that was reported to police on August 2.

Ryan is also charged with one count of breach of bail and one count of receiving stolen property for allegedly having his mother's credit card in his possession on August 5 when police located him in the parking lot behind the VFW Hall on Court Street.

According to affidavits obtained yesterday from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, police learned from one of Ryan's relatives on August 2 that his two guns were missing. He said he had last seen the guns at 3 p.m. and had returned home at 4 p.m. when he realized they were missing.

The relative told police that Ryan has "bought some drugs for a friend last night and the guys he bought the drugs from gave him cinnamon instead of heroin so he was saying he still owes these guys $160."

The relative also told police he had been trying all day to get money from a different family member. Other family members told police no one except Ryan and other immediate family members had been in or out of the house during the hours in which the guns allegedly disappeared.

Police issued a warrant for Ryan's arrest.

On August 5, police received another call from the family residence and were told that Ryan's mother's pocketbook had been stolen.

Affidavits said the family reported it about 30 minutes after Ryan allegedly took it, telling police that he had called and said it was in a dumpster behind the VFW.

When police went to retrieve the pocketbook, they saw Ryan in the passenger seat of a black Volkswagen Jetta. Police passed the Jetta, turn around and stopped it.

Affidavits said among other things Ryan had his mother's debit car in his wallet.
Prosecutor Jim Sawyer argued for cash only bail in court Tuesday and said Ryan is also facing charges for possession and attempted sales of heroin that date to a separate incident on July 24. Sawyer said Ryan has a history of drug abuse.

His lawyer argued for personal recognizance bail and said Ryan was seeking help from Horizons and had an appointment to see them that afternoon. She said Ryan lives with his grandmother.

Both said Ryan may be a good candidate for Recovery Court but that if he gets accepted into a residential drug program the cash bail will revert to personal recognizance bail.

He also told him to stay away from his parents house but said there could be visits as long as his parents agreed.