Police say passing on right caused Belmont wreck

BELMONT — A Loudon man suffered what police described as minor injuries and was cited for illegally overtaking on the right when the car he was driving struck a tractor trailer on Route 106 at Higgins Drive yesterday.

According to police, the tractor trailer, owned by All Metals Industries, Inc. of Belmont and driven by Leonard Pickering, 43, was making a right hand turn from Route 106 on to Higgins Drive, where the firm is located. As Pickering turned, Junru Feng, 25, of Loudon, driving a four-door Honda Civic tried to pass his truck on the shoulder. In the collision, the front-end of the Honda wedged itself under the step on the passenger side of the truck.

Feng was transported to Lakes Region General Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. The step and the fuel tank of the truck were damaged, but the fuel tank was not ruptured.

Officers from the New Hampshire State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (Troop G) assisted with the investigation.