Republican Alliance scores Belknap Delegation as most conservative in the state

LACONIA — The Belknap County House Delegation, consisting of the 13 Republican and five Democratic state representatives elected by the voters of the 11 municipalities, earned the highest approval rating among the 10 counties from the House Republican Alliance, which rates the voting records of the 400 members of the House of Representatives against the state Constitution and GOP platform.

The House Republican Alliance graded members for their votes on 100 bills.

The 18 members from Belknap County posted an average score of 68.5 percent to claim the top spot by two points over Rockingham County, with an average score of 66.5 percent. The average score for the House, where Democrats hold 218 and Republicans 179 of the 400 seats and three are vacant, was 48.3-percent.

Discounting the scores of five Democrats, the Republican majority recorded an average grade of 88.8 percent, with eight of the 13 representatives scoring 90 percent or better — Guy Comtois of Barnstead (98.9), Mike Sylvia of Belmont (97.7), Bob Greemore of Meredith (96.7), Jane Cormier of Alton (95.7), Colette Worsman of Meredith (94.9), Chuck Fink of Belmont (94.4), Richard Burchell of Gilmanton (94.0) and Herb Vadney of Meredith (90.0).

Representatives Bob Luther of Laconia, who voted on 64 of 100 graded bills, scored 87.5-percent. He was trailed by Stephen Holmes of Alton (82.4), Dennis Fields of Sanbornton (76.0), Don Flanders of Laconia (73.3), and Frank Tilton of Laconia (73.0).

The five Democrats — Representatives Beth Arsenault and Dave Huot of Laconia, Lisa DiMartino of Gilford, Ruth Gulick of New Hampton and Ian Raymond of Sanbornton — posted an average score of 15.8 percent.