Police ID stolen guns in possession of man who allegedly drew knife on captain giving chase in Laconia

LACONIA — Police have identified the three guns confiscated from a man who allegedly pulled a knife on a police captain during a foot chase on North Main Street July 10.

Joseph Coughlin, 30, who was living at the Salvation Army's Carey House homeless shelter, is charged with three counts of felony-level receiving stolen property for allegedly stealing three handguns from a Harvard Street resident during a period of time he was away from his home. He is also charged with one misdemeanor count of receiving stolen property for taking some of the man's belongings, including a gold watch, a Route 66 pin, and a Haight Ashbury pin.

The new charges are in addition to several charges Coughlin faces for his encounter with Police Captain Bill Clary on July 10. According to Clary, Coughlin was one of three people he and two other officers saw acting suspiciously on the Laconia Public Library grounds while they were driving past it.

Clary chased Coughlin while the other two officers chased the other two young men. Coughlin had run as far as the Laconia Clinic, headed north on North Main Street, when he tripped on the curbing.

As he got up, he allegedly turned around and faced Clary with a knife in his hand. Clary pulled his gun and Coughlin dropped the knife.

He was charged with three counts of felony criminal threatening, two counts of possession of controlled drugs, one count of resisting arrest, and three counts of violating a domestic order of protection issued by the 6th Circuit Court, Franklin District on January 17 and served to him on June 19.

In the newest charges, affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday said the homeowner returned to his house on July 11 and discovered his key was missing. After his landlord let him in, he discovered many of his things were missing and notified police.

During his video appearance in the court yesterday, Coughlin was ordered held on $10,000 cash-only bail for the newest felony charges. He was already being held on $5,000 cash-only bail for the incident with Laconia Police.