Teen drives SUV into Center Harbor ice cream parlor

CENTER HARBOR — Dewey's Ice Cream Parlor and Cafe was struck by an avalanche — a Chevrolet Avalanche — about 5:15 yesterday afternoon when the vehicle, driven by a teenage male whose identity was withheld by authorities, struck the side of the building at 34 Plymouth Street and came to rest on the porch, where not long before people were eating ice cream.

Fire Chief Leon Manville said that the driver, who was alone in the vehicle, was transported to Lakes Region General Hospital by Stewart's Ambulance Service. The extent of his injuries is unknown. No one else was injured in the accident.

Manville said that although there was some damage to the building, Ken Ballance, the code enforcement officer, found no structural damage and residents of the apartments upstairs were able to return to their homes. However, the porch was severely damaged and he expected the ice cream parlor would be closed until windows could be replaced and other repairs completed.