Probable cause hearing for murder suspect Shawn Carter postponed to August 6

LACONIA — The probable cause hearing for a former Belmont man accused of slaying two members of his family has been rescheduled to August 6.

Shawn Carter, 31, is accused of "chopping" his mother and brother to death on May 23 or 24 in the home the three shared at 20 Sunset Drive in Belmont.

So far, Carter's march through the judicial system has met many road blocks including a trial for driving after suspension in the 6th Circuit Court, Franklin Division — for which he was found guilty — and the withholding of affidavits relative to his arrest for the homicides from his defense team.

In the wake of a motion to compel the release of evidence and police affidavits — filed by Carter's attorneys, Judge Jim Carroll of the 4th Circuit Court ruled the state "may" release the affidavits supporting Carter's arrest on or after July 22. The affidavits will be given only to Carter's defense team, however he ruled, at the state's request, the defense can only discuss them with Carter and may not give him written copies.

In addition, the affidavits will not be released to the public.

Priscilla Carter's and Timothy Carter's bodies were found by Belmont Police on May 24 after an officer went to the home to check on the family's well-being. A co-worker of Priscilla Carter had contacted police. He was charged with the homicides on July 10.

Carter was arrested while driving his mother's car on May 24, about three hours after his mother and brother were found by Belmont, Tilton, and New Hampshire State Police. He was initially charged with breach of bail and driving after suspension or revocation and held for about seven weeks, unable or unwilling to post $200 cash bail.