Teen crashes car into small Belmont home

BELMONT — A local teen is charged with driving while intoxicated and conduct after an accident for crashing into the living room of a small house on Depot Street (Rte. 140 West) just after midnight on Tuesday and fleeing the scene after the crash.

Police said Derek Addington, 18, of 16 Village Apartment Road Apt. 3 was driving on the roadway toward Belmont Village and apparently missed the left-bending turn that is about one-quarter of a mile away from the village.

Police noticed Addington running down Main Street and questioned him near the Village Store. He allegedly told them he hit a house but ran because he was scared.

Walking behind him was passenger Logan Kessler, 19, of Laconia who was charged with a violation of unlawful possession of alcohol. Both teens were uninjured and declined treatment.

Police said victim was an older woman who was sleeping in a back bedroom when the car slammed into the house. She was uninjured and fire officials said she is staying with friends or family because the house is now uninhabitable.

The unidentified victim also called 9-1-1 but police initially learned of the crash when they spotted Addington running through town.

Lt. Mike Newhall said Addington missed the fire hydrant in line with the house by about four inches. He said he can't count the number of vehicles that have hit the hydrant but, until Tuesday and to the best of his knowledge, no one has ever hit the house.

Newhall and Police Chief Mark Lewandoski said they were grateful the woman was sleeping in her back bedroom and not sitting in the living room when the car crashed.

The 2000 Nissan Altima Addington was driving belonged to a friend and was being used with the owner's permission said police.

The online tax assessors data base says the house belongs to Everett Weeks. The lot and house are valued at $42,300.

CAPTION – The front porch and living room of a house at 49 Depot Street were heavily damaged early Tuesday morning when a car driven by an allegedly drunk teenaged boy crashed into it. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Ober)