Officials confident drainage around new LHS stadium is capable of handling storms, no further work will be done

LACONIA — Joint Building Committee Co-Chair Joe Cormier said last night at a School Board meeting that there will be no additional drainage piping work done at or around the new Bank of New Hampshire Stadium located behind the High School.

He said the school district got an engineering and construction estimate from the contractor overseeing the project and decided to reject the additional work because it is cost-prohibitive.

Cormier said he has every confidence the erosion problems that occurred during a deluge on July 7 won't recur and the work to fix the damage and the drainage — some of which is still under construction, will be fixed by the engineers and contractors at their expense.

During the rain, storm water ran from Bobotas Field, which is located to the west of and above the stadium, and breached some of the drainage areas causing channeling and erosion. Bobotas Field was seeded and as of July 7 the grass had not grown to the depth needed to assist with storm water control.

The school district chose not to sod Bobotas Field because of the expense, saying also that seeded grass is better for drainage and absorption then sodded grass.

As for Jim Fitzgerald Field at the stadium, which is the field upon which the Sachems football team will play on this fall, discussions are still underway regarding the sub-surface that is made of a substance that assists with absorption that will drain water through the synthetic turf that has yet to be installed.

Cormier said that once the engineers have completed their analysis, the sub-field, which is apparently not in places as porus as it needs to be, will be fixed by contractors at no cost to the School District.

Emond said the rains left the project about two weeks behind but the recent good weather, albeit hot weather, has allowed crews to catch up some.

As to the summer facilities upgrades, Business Administrator Ed Emond told the board that all the floors in the elementary schools will be refinished, the former Culinary Arts Program space at the High School will be converted to office space for the Huot Technical Center's dean of students, the High School vice-principal and the school resource officer.

The school store and the bank that are being built off the cafeteria will be completed by the beginning of school Emond said. Technically a part of the Huot Technical Center renovation project, the two projects are being funded with money earmarked for the Huot project.

He said the six new science labs in the High School are progressing nicely.
Emond said all of the recommended security upgrades to all five city schools will be completed by the start of school or are already finished. Most of them are in the elementary schools and the High School – the Middle School is near new and was built using relatively up-to-date security standards — and involve cameras, panic alarms, and additional locks.

The Harvard Street meeting room and the superintendent's office have fresh coats of paint.