$5,300 privately raised to replace gray pants that have been part of BPD uniform

BELMONT — It looks like the Police Department's old gray pants ain't what they used to be now that that $5,300 has been privately raised to replace them.
Selectmen voted last night to accept the donated funds and Selectman Ruth Mooney said after getting some cost estimates to replace the gray pants with the red stripe, the red ties and the badges on the sleeves of the uniforms with a more traditional all black or dark blue uniform.
Mooney said she is optimistic the police department will have their new uniforms by Old Home Day on August 10 and "there will be a color guard" in the parade.
In March, Mooney said she and Police Chief Mark Lewandoski met and concurred the department is energetic and young and would look better in all black uniforms as opposed to black shirts and gray pants.
Mooney also said last night the chief told her the gray pants with the red striped are no longer available for female police officers.
All agreed the department's annual uniform line item of $10,000 should be used for new officers, issued uniform replacements and to maintain the regular uniform rotation so the only way to replace the uniforms was to raise the money through donations.
The police have already changed the color of the newest cars in their fleet and plan on using the traditional "black and white" motif as new cars come in to replace the older dark gray ones.