Year-Round Library has raised $23k

GILMANTON — The president of the Year-Round Library said yesterday the organization has gotten around $23,000 in donations and now has enough cash on hand to stay open until at least February 1.
Anne Kirby said there are now 100 members of the "400 Club" — a challenge issued by the Baldwin family to get 400 people to each donate $100 to the effort.
"Since the vote failed in March, we're just about half-way there," Kirby said yesterday after attending a budget committee meeting for the Gilmanton Year-Round Library Association earlier in the day.
"We're pretty happy to have raised what we have," she added.
Supporters of the Year-Round Library petitioned a $45,000 warrant article at town meeting in March of this year but it was voted down by voters. Kirby said the $45,000 covers the operating expenses of the library that was built with grants and donations. This was the first time since 2009 voters had said no to a request for library operating funds.
On March 28, supporters packed the library to brainstorm ways to raise the money to keep the library open. Kirby said they will also get a petition for Year-Round Library support on the SB-2 ballot for 2014.
She said yesterday supporters have been very generous to the Year-Round Library and said the association has gotten a few larger contributions as well as a number of taxpayers who calculated the $45,000 difference in their tax rate and sent the money to the association.
A "Summer Fling" fundraiser held in late June raised $2,800 for the Year-Round Library and Kirby said a number of other fundraisers are in the planning stages.
She said Doug Towle is planning an antique home tour and will donate the proceeds to the library and in September Patrick's Pub will hold a 50-50 day.
There is also a tour and a special dinner being planned at one of the town's local wineries. Kirby said the association wants to do a big fundraiser in late autumn or early winter but hasn't decided yet what it will be.
Kirby said the next Year-Round Library Association meeting is tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at the library. She said the association operates on a fiscal year that ends in July and the new association board will be organized at a meeting on August 14.