Woman alleged to have fired 3 shots at police appears close to plea arrangement

LACONIA — A young woman who police allege fired three shots at them during a standoff on Union Road in Belmont three years ago is now competent to stand trial.
On Tuesday, Belknap County Superior Court Judge Kenneth McHugh determined Diamond Morrill, 23, of 23 Liscomb Circle in Gilford capable of understanding and assisting in her defense. However, according to court paperwork, she is expected to negotiate a plea agreement with the state.
"Competency to stand trail having been restored by treatment and documented by reevaluation, the parties see continued consolidation and scheduling for plea and sentencing," read the agreement entered into by the Belknap County Attorney's Office and Morrill through her attorney Ted Barnes and made public July 3.
Morrill was one of four people, including Christopher Kelly, his then girlfriend, now wife, Alisha Morgan and her 4-year old daughter — who were in a home on Union Road on September 3, 2010 when police went looking for Kelly — who was wanted by the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force.
Belknap County Sgt. William Wright, who in 2010 was Belknap County's representative to the task force — learned Kelly was staying with Morgan on Union Road. Wright secured a warrant and went to the home.
Morgan saw the lights from the police and went outside to speak to them, leaving her daughter in the house with Kelly and Morrill. She was not allowed to go back into the home and a standoff began with Kelly and Morrill that would last seven hours.
The Belknap County Regional Special Operations Group Bearcat arrived at 1:40 a.m. according to testimony provided at Kelly's trial in November of 2011. Around 3 a.m. three shots were fired from the home — nearly hitting Belmont Police Officer Joel Pickowitz, Sheriff Lt. Dave Perkins, and Laconia Police Lt. Rich Simmons.
At 6 a.m., Kelly, carrying Morgan's daughter, surrendered to police. His jury trial for being a felon in possession of a handgun, resisting arrest and endangering the welfare of Morgan's daughter ended with his conviction for resisting arrest. The judge dismissed the top count of being a felon in possession of a weapon after three days of testimony but before his case was allowed to go to the jury.
After Kelly and the child came out of the house, police used a N.H. State Police robot to enter the home. About an hour later police breached the house and found Morrill in a barricaded bedroom lying on a mattress, wrapped in a blanket. A handgun was found next to the bed.
At Kelly's trial all three officer testified about hearing the shots. Simmons detailed hearing the round hit leaves and "whiz" by his head.
The police affidavits obtained at the time Morrill was initially charged with the three felonies as well as two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, said she admitted to police the gun was hers and that she had gotten it from a man she identified as "Jake", with whom she allegedly participated in a drug deal the Thursday before Friday's September 2010 standoff.
She allegedly told police that she and "Jake" had gone to the Gilford Cinemas for a drug deal and she watched "Jake" rob the man.
She said "Jake" gave her the gun for protection and she was scared the night of the standoff because she thought the man "Jake" allegedly robbed was coming after her in retaliation.
Lt. Christopher Cost also said that Morrill should be held on high cash bail because she violated the provisions of a temporary restraining order placed against her by Franklin District Court Judge Edward "Ned" Gordon. The hearing for the permanent order is scheduled for Sept. 22 in Franklin.
In the Aug. 2, 2010 application for the restraining order, Morrill's former roommate — a female resident in a Northfield apartment complex — said Morrill repeatedly threatened her with physical harm and once "threw cans of food at her."
Northfield Police confirmed they had been on at least two calls to the apartment.
Morrill also faces separate counts for possession of unlawful alprazolam and cocaine stemming from a July 2 arrest in Laconia.
The charges have all been consolidated and a plea and sentencing hearing is tentatively scheduled for mid-July.