Study of Fair & Court intersection to get underway this summer

LACONIA — Director of Public Works Paul Moynihan said yesterday that traffic studies would be undertaken this summer at the intersection of Fair and Court Streets — among the most dangerous in the city — in anticipation of designing measures to improve traffic flow and safety at the junction in the near future.
M.T. McCarthy, who owns the 2.71-lot on the northeast corner of the intersection, where Aubuchon Hardware operated for years, granted the city two easements in the course of gaining the approval of the Planning Board this week to construct a new building and reconfigure the parking lot on the property. The first easement consists of a triangle, with sides of 25 feet on both Fair Street and Court Street, which would enable the city to lop off the northeast corner of the intersection. The second easement, a strip five deep and 165 long running  along the northeast side of Fair Street, would enable the city to widen Fair Street and perhaps add a turning lane before it joins Court Street.
Moynihan said that Tim Goldy, the traffic engineer who assisted the city in redesigning the junction of North Main Street and Oak Street, will track the flow of traffic through the intersection. The data will highlight the most common issues at the intersection and indicate options for overcoming them. Moynihan said that options include changing the layout of the intersection, adding a turning lane on Fair Street and installing traffic signals.