Clarification: Recycling percentage needs to be calculated over a 2 week period to be accurate

LACONIA — A story about totals from the first day of the city's new mandatory recycling program that appeared on page one of The Daily Sun on Wednesday needs clarification. The story reported that the amount of recyclables collected on the Monday route this week was 43 percent of the total solid waste stream for that day, a total that was almost double the amount collected two weeks earlier.
While the 43 percent was correct in and of itself, it was misleading to suggest the overall recycling percentage will rise that dramatically right off the bat. Recyclables will continue to be collected only every other week, while trash will continue to be picked up weekly. Therefore, the amount of recyclables must be divided by the weight of total solid waste collection over a two week period to get the true percentage recyclables represent. And those numbers, obviously, will be not be available until after July 12.
City officials have set set 40 percent as their relatively immediate target.
City Manager Scott Myer noted on Wednesday that for the two week period starting June 3, recyclables totaled 29.7 percent of the total waste stream for the first week alone, but just 16.1 percent of the total for the entire two week period.