Day 1 of mandatory program saw stunning rise in volume of recyclables

LACONIA — On Monday, the first day of the mandatory recycling program, the volume of recyclable materials collected on the route through the northern part of the city, including The Weirs, rose to 43-percent of the total solid waste stream, compared to 23-percent two weeks earlier.
Ann Saltmarsh, who manages the recycling program at the Department of Public Works (DPW), described the increase as "stunning and very encouraging." She said that the introduction of the program has led to unprecedented demand for complimentary green recycling bins. Since Monday, when stocks ran out, Saltmarsh said that she has taken the names and phone numbers of more than 350 residents seeking bins. She said that she has placed a rush order for 1,200 bins and expects delivery of some next week when she will begin distributing to the waiting list.
Likewise, the inventory of 64-gallon wheeled recycling toters is shrinking. Saltmarsh said that about 250 of the 1,000 toters offered at the discounted price of $25 remain.
Saltmarsh reminded residents that recyclable materials can be placed at the curb in any amount and in any rigid container of residents' choosing. Stickers designating the container as holding recyclables are available at the DPW.