Start of mandatory recycling also means uncontained trash bags may no longer be left curbside for pickup

LACONIA — When the mandatory recycling program begins on Monday, July 1, city residents will not only be required to separate recyclables from trash but also to bag all their trash in a limited number of solid containers. Otherwise the trash will not be collected.
All trash must be bagged in a container, typically a trash can. Bagged trash not in a container and loose trash will not be collected.
The number of containers will be limited. Single-family homes and duplex units may place two 30-gallon containers, or the equivalent — one 45-gallon or one 64-gallon container — at the curb. Commercial establishments and multi-family dwellings may place the equivalent of seven 30-gallon containers at the curb.
Ann Saltmarsh of the Department of Public Works said that ordinances requiring trash to be placed in containers and limiting the number of containers have been on the books for sometime and with the introduction of mandatory recycling will be strictly enforced for the first time.
The rules will be enforced in two stages. During the first week, from July 1 to July 6, those who fail to recycle, leave loose trash at the curb or exceed the maximum number of containers will be issued a ticket explaining the violation and the trash will be collected. But, from the following week, beginning on Monday, July 8 onward, violators will be not only be ticketed but their trash will not be collected.
Property owners will be responsible for disposing of excessive or loose trash appropriately. Neither Bestway Disposal Services, the contractor, nor the Department of Public Works will be responsible for removing it. Anyone found illegally disposing of trash on public streets, in private dumpsters or in or near remote recycling containers shall be subject to a fine of $250.
Starting Monday recyclables must be separated from trash. There is no limit to the amount of recyclables that will be collected at the curb.
Recyclable materials need not be sorted, but can be mingled in one container. Glass bottles and jars of all sizes, shapes and colors can be recycled along with steel and aluminum cans. Plastics carrying a recycling symbol and number number 1 through 7 can be recycled, but plastic bags and styrofoam containers cannot. All cardboard and paper can be recycled.
The Department of Public Works offers 18-gallon recycling bins free of charge and 64-gallon wheeled toters at discounted prices of $25 for the first and $45 for the second.
Alternatively, recyclables may be taken to the Transfer Station on Parade Road or to one of the four remote locations in the city behind the City Garage on Messer Street, at the Lakeport Fire Station, at the Weirs Community Center and on Lindsay Court near the Memorial Park House. Those choosing to recycle at one of the remote locations should obtain a sticker, reading in black lettering against an orange background "Remote Recycler," without charge from the Department of Public Works to affix to their trash container, which will ensure that their trash is collected.
Residents are reminded not to place their trash and recyclables at the curb prior to 7 p.m. the day before they are collected and to store the empty containers by 7 p.m. the next day.
Questions about how to comply with the mandatory recycling program may be addressed to Saltmarsh during business hours at 528-6379, Ext. 300.