Attempted burglary nets 18-year-old 15 months in prison

LACONIA — An 18-year-old man will serve a year and three months in the New Hampshire State Prison for attempted burglary for breaking the glass at Curious Goods on Main Street in Laconia with an intent to steal paraphernalia and resell it.
Brandon Heacox, 18, of 6 Cumberland Road Apt. 34 pleaded guilty yesterday in Belknap County Superior Court and was sentenced to 1 1/2 to 3 years with three months suspended.
Heacox also pleaded guilty to two counts of receiving stolen property for taking a compound bow and a handgun from a hunter's truck in Gilford. He was sentenced to two consecutive sentences of 3 1/2 to 7 years — all suspended pending his good behavior.
He was credited with 279 days of pre-trial confinement credit.
Initially, Judge James O'Neill expressed a little trepidation about the seemingly light sentence for two crimes involving the theft and subsequent sale of dangerous weapons.
Heacox had sold the compound box to a third party who was associated with a Tilton Pawn Shop and he traded the gun for an Xbox with one of his friends — what was willing to testify at Heacox's trial.
Public Defender Alison Schwartz said her client was 17 when he committed the crimes and had just turned 18. She said he had participated in every program available to him while in the Belknap County Jail, had earned his GED, went to chapel and had no disciplinary issues.
She said he didn't want his life to continue down the same path that it was and he now realizes his behavior was staring to tear his family apart.
Two members of Heacox's family were in court with him and Schwartz said they were prepared to help him when his incarceration period ends.
Schwartz also pointed out that Heacox faces an additional 20 years of prison time should he not be of good behavior upon his release.
"It's not too late for him," she said.
Heacox read from a prepared statement and took full responsibility for his actions. He told O'Neill that "his journey to self-healing was not quite to its end yet" but that his time in prison would be spent learning from his mistakes and becoming a better person.
O'Neill asked him to tell him why he should accept the proposed sentence and Heacox said, "I apologize and hope I can make it up."
O'Neill told him he should be grateful for his family and their support of him. He cautioned him not to let his family down again because if it happens again he will serve a much longer sentence.