Vandals manage to start-up 'man lift' on job site at Laconia Public Library

LACONIA — Vandals damaged the ignition switch in a "man lift" being used by the company hired by the city to replace some broken slate tiles on the Gale Memorial Library roof sometime Tuesday night.
Lift operator and slate worker Kevin Pelletier of Skyline Roofing said someone succeeded in starting the engine to the big orange lift with a long arm and bucket that elevates workers to roof level by sticking something in the ignition.
He said he didn't know if it was a house key or a screwdriver but whatever it was broke off in the ignition and Skyline needed to replace the ignition.
Pelletier said police told him they got reports that the machine had been running all night. He said he lives in Pembrook so a local police officer opened the control panel and pushed the red emergency stop button that shut down the engine.
"I have no idea what they thought they (the vandals) were going to do with it," Pelletier said. "It's not like it moves fast or anything."
He said this is the second time something weird has happened to him while working in Laconia. He said he was working at Lakes Region General Hospital about two years ago and someone stole his truck.
He said to the best of his knowledge his truck (a company vehicle) was never recovered.