Records indicate Meredith Police uncovered 550 oxycodone pills at February bust

MEREDITH — Police say a local man who was charged in February with possession of a controlled drug with intent to sell and being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon had 550 oxycodone pills, $6,800 in cash, a 40-caliber semi-automatic hand gun and some marijuana with him at the time of his arrest.
Jeremie A. Simmons, 32, of 15 Northview Drive Unit 2 has been held on $50,000 cash bail since his arrest by police who responded to a call for a domestic disturbance at his home and made the discovery.
Affidavits supporting cash bail and the search warrant for his apartment that were previously sealed by by 4th Circuit Court - Laconia Division were released recently after Simmons was indicted by a Belknap County grand jury and The Daily Sun filed a Right-to-Know request.
Police said when they responded to the scene they helped the victim with removing her belonging and smelled a "strong odor of marijuana." Officers asked Simmons if he had any marijuana, describing his response as "nervous as his face appeared to red and his eyes widened."
Affidavits said Simmons told them he had a small amount of marijuana in his bedroom and Officer Robert Donnelly accompanied him into that room. Donnelly said Simmons "pulled back the blankets from the master bed" and he saw "in plain view" two baggies of marijuana, some loose pills, and other drug-type items.
He seized the items, arrested Simmons and applied for a got a search warrant for the rest of the apartment and his car.
A log of seized items listed nine steroid vials, eight needles, pill bottles with Simmons and one other name on them, the handgun, two loaded magazines, and a total of 550 pills later identified as oxycodone.
Defense attorney Wade Harwood filed a motion to suppress the siezed evidence because one of the other people in the home at the time said it was police who pulled back the bed covers, arguing the search and anything found from it was inadmissible because it was siezed unlawfully.
Atty. Stacy Kaelin of the Belknap County Attorney's Office argued the search was valid because a different person in the apartment indicated to police that there were drugs in the bedroom. She said the initial evidence leading to the search warrant was "in plain sight" when police watched Simmons retrieve the marijuana.
A hearing on the motion is scheduled for July 2 at 1:30 p.m.
According to police, Simmons has previous convictions for possession of a controlled drug with intent to sell in 2001, two counts of being a felon in possession of a weapon in 2007 and one count of reckless operation of a motor vehicle in 2007.
Simmons was also arrested in late 2006 in Laconia by Laconia Police with the assistance of the Belknap County Special Operation Group.
He was in a car near his then home at 40 Bay Street after allegedly firing one shot into the air and then threatening to kill himself while barricaded in his car. Police said he was waiving a Glock 9-mm hand gun with a laser sight before he was arrested.
Police fired tear gas into the car to get him to come out of it.