Leavitt Park Association hopes $12k start will spur city to prioritize reconstruction of tennis courts

LACONIA — The parks and Recreation Commission voted unanimously Monday night to release $6,100 from the Leavitt Park Trust Fund to help pay for reconstructed tennis courts.
The request came from Tony Felch of the Leavitt Park Association, who said his organization will match the $6,100 released from the trust fund.
According to Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Dunleavy, the entire project would cost in the neighborhood of $75,000 and would have to be included in the city's Capital Improvement Plan in order to be completed.
Felch's hope was that if the city understood the people who are closely associated with Leavitt Park were also willing to spend their money on the court, then maybe the courts could be included in an earlier project.
Dunleavy said he doesn't remember the last time the court were reconstructed although he remembers them being resurfaced about six years ago.
He and Felch agreed that there are two-inch cracks in the surface and the fence around them is inadequate and that resurfacing the courts won't be enough this time.