Bristol Police investigating bedtime house burglary & car content thefts

BRISTOL — Police are investigating the burglary of an occupied home on Prospect Street on June 11 where the owner said someone came through an unlocked garage door and took her pocketbook from the kitchen counter.
The victim said she realized the purse was taken when she reminded her husband to put her debit card back in her wallet in the morning and he couldn't find her pocketbook.
"What do you mean," she said she told him. "It's right there on the counter where it always is."
She said the family went to bed at 9:30 p.m. and they noticed it was missing when they woke. She said they have a dog but he was sleeping in her son's room with the door closed.
Lt. Kris Bean said police are actively investigating the theft.
Bean also said an officer was on routine patrol on June 2 when she activated her lights to pull over a car.
She said the driver of the car refused to stop and when it finally did, the male driver and passenger got out and ran into the woods in different directions. He said police searched the area but were unable to locate either man.
Police learned the car was stolen from Manchester and there were a number of items recovered from the car that had been reported stolen from other vehicles in Bristol. He said most of the recovered items were electronics and change that had been taken from unlocked vehicles.
He said Bristol Police are working with Manchester Police.
Bean said police recommend residents lock the doors to the their homes and cars — especially while sleeping. He said residents should report any suspicious activity to police.
Anyone with any information about these two incidents are asked to call Bristol Police at 744-6320.