CIty's winter maintenance budget will be in the black after $45,000 reimbursement arrives from FEMA

LACONIA — City Manger Scott Myers said yesterday that he expects the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to reimburse the city for 75-percent of the expenses it incurred as a result of the heavy snowfall on February 8, when $60,000 was spent clearing roads and sidewalks over the course of three days.
The blizzard, followed by ice and snow in the first half of March put the winter maintenance $35,564 in the red. Myers said that Belknap County qualified for federal disaster assistance based on the depth and duration of the snowfall and learned last week that FEMA approved the city's application for aid. He said he anticipates the city will receive a little more than $45,000, enough to put the winter maintenance budget in the black
With 16 days left in the fiscal year, Myers said, "I will continue to go out on a limb here and predict that we are through with winter maintenance for the remainder of the budget year."