Bike Week will be featured on new Travel Channel program — 'Fandemonium'

LACONIA — Adam Richman, best known as the host of the Travel Channel's eating challenge program "Man v. Food" and its sequel "Man v. Food Nation", was in the Lakes Region over the weekend filming a segment for his new series ''Fandemonium.''
Much of the filming, which features Laconia Bike Week, was done at the Naswa Resort, where he was photographed aboard a Steven Tyler/Aerosmith-themed motorcycle with Naswa general manager and Laconia Motorcycle Week Association President Cynthia Makris.
''It was a lot of fun,'' said Makris, who said filming started on Saturday when the annual Peter Makris run, which honors her late father, was held. Film crews worked through Sunday and wound up with a final shoot with 17 motorcycles on the Naswa beach on Monday.
Other places filmed included the Lobster Pound, the Laconia Road House, the Broken Spoke Saloon and the Looney Bin as well as vendors set up at the Heat Restaurant.
''Adam Richman is very easy-going and a lot of fun to be around,'' said Jennifer Anderson of the Bike Week Association office, who arranged for his visit to Laconia and said that she expects that the episode, which will be aired July 14, will be a very positive look at the country's oldest motorcycle rally.
She said that the Discovery Channel will arrive on Wednesday to start filming for a show which will also air later this year featuring motorcycles and law enforcement.


Adam Richman of the Travel Channel and Cynthia Makris of the Naswa Resort on a Steven Tyler/Aerosmith-themed motorcycle at the Naswa where a crew completed filming Monday for a new Travel Channel Series 'Fandemonium.'' The segment will air in July. (Courtesy photo)