50 Bike Weeks under his belt & hoping for many more to come

LACONIA — The 90th annual motorcycle rally here is the 50th for Bob Lagrand and the 45th for his wife Debbie and the couple from Ware, Massachusetts intend to keep right on coming.
A retired welder, Lagrand has been riding Harley-Davidsons since his teens, beginning with Sportsters and graduating to Road Kings. This year, to spare wear on his aging back, he is riding a brand new, navy blue Harley-Davidson Trike.
"I started coming to Laconia in the early sixties," he said, adding wryly "I've seen some things since 1963." What he saw prompted Debbie, who first accompanied him to the rally soon after they were married to tell him "you'll never come up here without me again."
For many years the Lagrands came to the rally in the company of other couples from Ware. Acting as social secretary for the group, Debbie booked the rooms. "For 25 years we rented all the cabins at the Pine Bark Lodge and later we stayed at the Town Line Motel," she said. "Twenty or twenty-five us would ride together," Lagrand remembered. "But with the divorces and the deaths it's dwindled down to me and her."
"My big dream," Lagrand said, "is to ride up here on the 100th anniversary with my three grandsons — Kyle, Adam and Ty. They all ride bikes and by then the youngest will have his license. And their grandfather," he continued, "has bikes ready for all three. Custom painted '70's Sportsters."
By the time Bike Week turns a hundred, the Lagrands will have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

CAPTION: Bob Lagrand is enjoying his 50th consecutive visit to Motrocycle Week, the last 45 of them with his wife Debbie, who after attending her first rally told him "You're never coming up here without me again." (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Michael Kitch)