Man charged in strangling on McGrath Street

LACONIA — A Laconia teen has been charged in the overnight strangling death of a man who lived in the same support home at 24 McGrath Street.
Kasey Riley, 19, is charged with one count of second-degree homicide for recklessly causing the death of Zachary March, 27.
A statement to media issued by the N.H. Office of the Attorney General said city police were called to the home at 1:42 a.m. Monday where they found an unresponsive March. He was later declared dead at the scene.
Riley was also in the home.
He is being held at the Belknap County House of Correction and is scheduled to appear by video arraignment in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division this morning at 10 a.m.
According to Genesis Behavior Health Director Maggie Pritchard, 24 McGrath St. is one of two of her agency's support homes in Laconia. She declined to comment specifically on either Riley or March other that to confirm they both lived there.
She said a "support home" differs from a "group home" in that a "support home" provides homes for people who might become homeless and have some kind of emotional or mental disability. A "support home" has programs but not 24-hour supervision. A "group home," said Pritchard, has 24-hour supervision.
"It has not been a group home for nine years," Pritchard said.
Pritchard said there are eight people living in the house and four of them — including Riley and March — were home at the time of the alleged homicide. She said four residents were away. There are three apartments in an attached building behind the house but she said the people who live there were not asked to leave by police.
She said the house was cleared by police during the investigation and the six people who live there all found places to stay with friends or relatives until they could return home.
She said there are counselors in and out of the home on a daily basis and all residents have to participate in counseling and services and obey house rules that she said are numerous but include no non-prescribed drugs or alcohol. She said the people living in the house share a kitchen, living room and bathrooms but many have their own bedrooms.
Little is known about Riley or the motive behind the alleged strangulation.
The most recent entry on his Facebook page is from June 2 when he posted "rumor has it I'm a dad." His page is filled with references to farming and guns and his most recent background picture is a Confederate battle flag.
There is one recent picture of him holding a rifle with the hammer pulled back.
Riley identifies himself in a posting as a redneck who is proud to be called as such and in another posting as lonely. He said he graduated from Gilford High School in 2012.
A sergeant with the Gilford Police said his department is familiar with Riley but declined further comment.
A woman who lives on McGrath Street said she didn't hear anything but noticed all of the activity when she woke yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m.
She said the building has been some kind of communal home since before she moved in but has noticed some changes in the past few years to include more traffic — including pedestrians and cars.
"I don't think it's a supervised as it could be," she said.
She also said there has been some unusual activity in the neighborhood included the attempted burglary of a home on the corner of Belknap and Lyford Streets. Other recent reports from the area include a few attempts at breaking into cars.
Yesterday the street was quiet. While crime scene tape surrounded the main part of the house and the state police crime van was backed into the driveway, there was but one Laconia Police officer standing by to keep onlookers and media out of the yard.
Pritchard said Genesis has been providing additional crisis counseling to the other people who live in the home. There were three women who were sitting at a table outside the apartment portion of the building yesterday afternoon but a Genesis employee said they didn't want to be interviewed or disturbed.