Lock-down at Sant Bani caused by false alarm but response was excellent

SANBORNTON — Sant Bani School spent 90 minutes in a lock-down yesterday morning after a teacher overheard a different teacher calling for a dog with a name that sounds like "lock-down."
Emergency procedures were implemented immediately as is required and practiced.
Police Chief Stephen Hankard said police from Tilton, Belmont, Franklin, Bristol, Danbury, the Belknap County Sheriff's Department responded to the school while N.H. State Troopers had multiple units in the area ready to assist if necessary.
Hankard said police checked all of the sprawling campus's buildings and grounds and found no threat.
He said that although this was a mistake, the students and staff at Sant Bani School did an outstanding job of following real lock-down procedures should they ever become necessary.
Hankard also said the police officers who responded, thinking this was the real thing, did an excellent job surrounding the campus and searching the school grounds.