Laconia brother & sister have small legal dispute settled by Judge Judy

LACONIA — A local woman who claimed her brother damaged a door to her apartment building while he was babysitting for her children has had her day in court — on Judge Judy.
Kendra Peters of 43 Messer St. Apt. 2 said she and her brother Leon Bushy-Peters flew to Los Angeles over Halloween in 2012 to have the famous cantankerous television judge resolve their small claims issue.
"Oh I love Judge Judy," Peters said yesterday when contacted by telephone. "She chewed me up and spit me out."
She said the show paid for her, her son and her former downstairs neighbor and friend Bob Luther to stay in the Macy's Plaza Hotel, which she described a "nice, nice."
She said her brother and his wife stayed elsewhere but their accommodations weren't as nice as hers. "Like a Super 8" she said.
Peters said, and paperwork filed with the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division confirmed the problem began when she asked her brother Leon Bushy-Peters to stay in her apartment and watch her children while she was in Maine last summer.
"I entrusted him to stay here and watch my kids and he locked himself out," she said. "He forgot where I told him I put the second key."
She said being on the show was fun but very scary. A very outgoing woman in her mid-30s, she said the show's producer was initially excited when she got there because she was so animated.
"Then they told me I had too many sparkles (glitter)," she said, saying that when she walked out and saw all the lights her knees "were quaking."
Peters said Judge Judy looked at her and said "you may be pretty but I have brains and that's why I am up here," Peters said. She said at one point, Judge Judy looked at her and said , "Oh my God can you hurry it up."
She said when Judge Judy asked her brother what happened he told her, "Yeah, I did it."
Peters said she thought Judge Judy was mad at her because Leon had already accepted responsibility for the door.
She said she got $750 plus the cost of the door plus an all expense paid trip for the five of them to Los Angeles. Her brother, Peters said, got $500 for his troubles.
"We'd never been to Los Angeles. We had a weekend on her," Peters said.
A letter from the landlord indicated the door cost $496.18 to replace and install and that it was her responsibility to pay for. Peters said yesterday that she has to move because the rent is too expensive and that her landlord had told her she would deduct it from her security deposit.
She hasn't moved yet but said she still needed money to reimburse the landlord.
"I love my brother," Peters said. "I just need my money. I'm a single mom with three kids."
Peters said she thinks the show already aired but staff at the courthouse said they thought the episode may be running again Friday.
Notice of the disposal of the case was sent to the Laconia court by the Judge Judy show. "Judge Judy" is a television court where small claims are arbitrated, reads the notice of dismal.