Meredith planners OK construction of 2,000-square-foot building on Northview

MEREDITH — The Planning Board last week approved the construction of one commercial building and deferred its decision on a proposal to build another pending a visit to the site.
The board approved the proposal of Brian Davis of Planet Green, LLC, a landscaping firm that also designs and installs solar energy systems, to construct a 40-foot by 50-foot building on a 0.71-acre lot on the north side of Northview Drive.
Davis said that the project will bring his operations under one roof. Currently the firm maintains an office on Daniel Webster Highway (Rte. 3) near the fire station and a house on the lot on Route 25 where Rite-Aid is building a drugstore.
Davis said that he intends to purchase the lot on Northview Drive from Justin van Etten, the owner of Stewart's Ambulance Service, doing business as Winnipiseogee Investment Property, LLC. According to the tax records, van Etten purchased the property in 2007 for $167,500. The lot is currently assessed at $128,600.
Davis said he hoped to begin construction in time to button up the building before winter, but has not set a specific timetable. He emphasized that the building, which will house and office and space for equipment and materials, will be "green," oriented to make optimal use of solar panels.
"The carbon footprint will be minuscule," he said.
Planning Director Angela LaBrecque said that the board chose to continue Perry Taylor's proposal to construct a small — 14-foot by 16-foot — building on the 0.90-acre lot at 473 Daniel Webster Highway, north of the police station, where he makes his home. She said that Taylor, who farms. plans to sell fresh produce on the site. The board, she continued, intends to walk the property whelk officials of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation will also review and comment on the plans.