Maheux running for 7th term on police board

LACONIA — Armand Maheux, who has served on Police Commission since 1995, announced this week that after considering retirement he has decided to seek re-election to what would be a seventh consecutive three-year term.
Police Chief Chris Adams said yesterday, shortly after flipping hamburgers alongside Maheux at Woodland Heights School, that Maheux is very popular among the officers, whose birthdays he regularly marks with a card. "I think he may have missed one graduation of the DARE program and he is always there when officers graduate from the police academy," said Adams. "He is very involved, very engaged in both the department and the community."
"Did not talk him into anything" insisted Adams, who has been with the department for more than 19 years. "But, I have told him that it would be nice for the two of us to retire together."
Maheux managed a department store, shore store and jewelry store before joining the Police Department as a part-time officer in 1965. In 1973, he became a full-time officer. Despite his size, he acquired a reputation among his fellow officers for not retreating from — and seemingly relishing — confrontations, After five years on the force, he left to take a position with Aavid Thermalloy.
Maheux speaks with pride of his part in the development and character of the department under the leadership of chiefs Bill Baker, Tom Oetinger, Mike Moyer and Adams.