Young Laconia woman charged for homicide in S.C.

SPARTANBURG, SC. — A Laconia woman has been charged with one count of homicide in this South Carolina city after allegedly shooting her boyfriend in the chest with a shotgun.
Spartanburg Police confirmed Erika Michelle Sutelman, 21, was charged with homicide.
The Website – a news source for Spartanburg – quoted Capt. Regina Nowak as saying taht Sutelman initially told police she thought the safety switch was engaged when she fired the gun and the shooting, which occurred May 20, was accidental — and that they were "playing around."
The victim, David Mohollond, 20, of Wolfeboro, N.H. and Sutelman had moved to Spartanburg about two weeks ago and were reported to be boyfriend and girlfriend.
The report said Moholland died at the scene.
Nowak said the others people in the apartment who did not see the shootings said they heard the gun rack (the action of placing a shell in firing position) before they heard it fire, said the report. Police also allegedly found a spent shell on the floor and a second round in the chamber when they investigated the shooting.
The report said the others in the apartment called 9-1-1 and placed the shotgun outside the door while waiting for police.