Simoneau free to care for mom over weekend but must post $2k bail on Monday

LACONIA — The Gilford man who was arrested Thursday in a raid on his Country Club Road home was ordered held on $2,000 cash bail and $15,000 personal recognizance bail but was released for the weekend to be able to care for his elderly mother.
Steven Simoneau, 57, of 194 Country Club Road made two video appearances in 4th Circuit Court yesterday — the first in the morning when there was some confusion about the complaints filed by the county sheriff's office and the second when Judge Jim Carroll made the unusual bail order.
When the sheriff's prosecutor and the public defender told Carroll they had both agreed to personal recognizance bail, Carroll said he didn't agree.
He said he would be consistent when it comes to methamphetamine and its manufacture, that it was "potentially lethal" and rises to the "highest tier of concern."
He suggested cash bail of at least $3,000.
According to Simoneau's public defender, Simoneau had stopped working at his family's concrete business in order to take care of his elderly mother who is unwell. The lawyer argued that Simoneau didn't have $3,000 cash bail but, after a private conversation, said he told her he could likely come up with $2,000 but would need until Monday.
Carroll said he needed a date and a time, suggesting Monday at 3 p.m.
"He's going to be here on Monday at 3 p.m. with two grand or he's going back to jail," Carroll said.
Carroll said he only agreed to the unusual bail arrangement because of Simoneau's mother.
The affidavits to search Simoneau's property at 194 County Club Road were sealed but the affidavits for cash bail noted the results of their search suggested Simoneau was trying to burn evidence. Police also allegedly found evidence of meth-making materials.
Deputy Jim McIntire said this case and last week's arrest of three people at an apartment on Academy Street in Laconia were related but declined to elaborate.
Last week, members of the sheriff's department arrested three people at 21 Academy Street Apt. 6 after a sheriff's deputy began watching the apartment after learning about some suspicious activity.
While he was watching the apartment house that is directly across the street from the district court building, Dept. E. Justin Blanchette saw a man, enter the apartment and leave an hour later.
Affidavits said Blanchette approached the man who identified himself as Joel Paquette and Paquette agreed to be interviewed and said Blanchette could pick up the water bottle he had on his bicycle.
Blanchette allegedly found a dozen oxycodone pills and 30 Valium in the bottle. After he arrested Paquette, he said Paquette asked him to take his bicycle to his girlfriend in Apartment 6.
According to Blanchette, Donald Doucet opened the door and told Blanchette that Paquette's girlfriend was inside. Once in the living room, Blanchette said he saw materials that were commonly used to make methamphetamine on the floor there was a straw and a mirror on the couch.
At the time Paquette told them he cooked methamphetamine in the woods.
Paquette, Doucet and Christy Jarrell were arrested and all held on cash bail ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.