Woman gets restraining order, saying she sold 'biting' pony 'as is'

GILMANTON — A North Road woman had gotten a temporary restraining order to stop an Alton woman from contacting her about a pony she sold her.
According to paperwork filed Wednesday in Belknap County Superior Court, Mary Alice Fortier, sold the pony to Angela Stockman of Muchado Hill Road in Alton on April 1. Fortier said she sold the pony "as-is" and said now Stockman wants at least $600 or she will send the pony to the slaughterhouse.
According to Fortier, Stockman said the pony bites.
Fortier's handwritten pleading indicates Stockman called her on April 11 and told her the pony was nice and she wanted to know what size bridle to buy. She said Stockman called her the next day and told her the pony bites and she wanted to return it.
"She told me I must have abused her and must have starved her," read the pleading. Fortier said she had owned the pony for 10 years and it was trained to ride, never bit anyone, was easy to care for and great with children.
Fortier said Stockman told her she would have to pony up at least $600 by April 24 or she would sue her for future costs of boarding, feed, and upkeep. She wrote that Stockman would not stop calling her at work, at home and on her cell phone. She said Stockman came to her home at least once.
She reiterated that she sold the pony "as-is," asked the court stop Stockman from ever calling her again, and adhere to the contract the two signed in April.
"Please have her leave me alone forever," Fortier wrote.
Stockman had not responded to the pleading as of yesterday.
The court has scheduled a June 7 date to hear final arguments on the restraining order request.