Council to work on details of mandatory recycling on Tuesday

LACONIA — The City Council will consider proposed revisions to the ordinance bearing on the collection of household waste when it meet on Tuesday, May 28 beginning at 7 p.m. The items are required to facilitate the introduction of a so-called mandatory recycling program.
Mandatory recycling will be introduced on July 1 as a six-month pilot program with the goal of removing approximately 4,000 tons from the volume of trash incinerated at the Concord Regional Solid Waste/Resource Recovery Cooperative in Penacook at a cost of more than $150 a ton. The council has indicated that if the program falls short of its goal, a "Pay-As-You-Throw" program will take its place next year.
Beginning on July 1 all residents on the curbside collection routes will be required to recycle or forego trash collection. Recyclable materials need not be sorted or separated but can be co-mingled. The following items can be recycled: glass bottles and jars of all colors, aluminum and steel cans, plastics #1 through #7 (except styrofoam and plastic bags), cardboard, newspaper and paper of all types and colors.
The proposed ordinance stipulates that newspapers, magazines and sheets of paper must be recycled by either tied in bundles of 50 pounds or less or placed in household recycling containers. Likewise, cardboard cartons, crates, barrels and other containers must also be included among recyclables.
The limit on the number of containers placed at the curb — two for each family at single-family and duplex dwellings and seven at commercial and multi-family buildings — remains unchanged.
Residents may use the remote recycling facilities at the transfer station, Lakeport Fire Station, Weirs Community Center, Memorial Park House and Messer Street. Those who prefer to use the remote facilities exclusively should obtain a sticker identifying themselves as a "Remote Recycler" in order to ensure that their trash is collected at the curbside.
Recyclable materials must be in a rigid container, which is clearly marked "recycling." The Department of Public Works has appropriate stickers at no cost. Alternatively, the department offers 18-gallon bins free of charge or 64-gallon wheeled toters, the first at the discounted price of $25 and others at the full price of $45.
The ordinance would be enforced in two stages. During the first week, July 1 through July 6, those found in violation of the recycling requirement or limitation on the number of containers, as well as of leaving unconfined trash at the curb, would be ticketed, but their trash would be collected. During and after the second week, July 8 through July 12, specific violations would be ticketed and the trash would not be collected. The property owner, not the Department of Public Works, would be responsible for the proper disposal of the uncollected trash. Violators of the ordinance could also be subject to a fine of $250.