City says settlement near is case of 6,000-sq.-ft. house without sprinklers

LACONIA — The owners of a million dollar new home on Wentworth Cove Road have agreed to install some kind of sprinkler system, according to a pleading filed on behalf of the city of Laconia yesterday.
The owner, John D. Remington, filed suit in Belknap County Superior Court appealing a Zoning Board of Adjustment ruling that upheld the Fire Department's refusal to issue an occupation permit to the nearly 6,000-square-foot home because it was not built with a sprinkler system.
The ZBA, which heard the case in this instance because Laconia does not have an active building Code of Appeals Board, said the state law that was in effect when the construction was approved and began specifically stated all new homes over 3,000 square-feet have an active sprinkler system.
Although the law was amended in 2011 to exclude single-family homes, the ZBA determined it was the law when the permit was obtained in 2008. The fire chief and the city manager denied Remington's waiver.
According to the city's request for a continuance, it and the Remington are working together to determine what kind of system would be installed and City Attorney Laura Spector-Morgan said she anticipated a mutually acceptable resolution and expected after the agreement for the suit to be withdrawn by Remington.
Remington's attorney Paul Fitzgerald didn't object to the delay.